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General infomation


Yame is located in the southern part of Fukuoka Prefecture on the Island of Kyushu.

We are located apporximately 50 kilomaters south of Fukuoka city.

Originally 98.66 square kilomaters, Yame grew in size to 482.44 square kilomaters after the merger with Kurogi town,Tachibana town,Yabe village,Hoshino village in 2010. After this merger, Yame became the second largest city in Fukuoka prefecture. The city is divided by the southern plains and the northeastern forests,Yame is dominated by urban areas.

As cited in the Japanese old histrical text Nihon Shoki, yame is quoted as goddess name Yametsuhime which always be in the mountains surrounding the area thus deriving the name "Yame".


There are many ancient tombs in the area,Iwatoyama being one of the most major.From these tombs we know that the people of that time lived a rich life.

During the Edo period,Yame prospered as an intergrated area for agriculture,politics and culture.Even today,Yame is famous for its agricultural products and traditional crafts.

The Green tea grown in Yame is considered one of the highest grade of tea through out Japan.


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